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Trans Iraq Bank

The work charters of the Board of Directors committees

The Work Charters Of The Board Of Directors Committees 2021:

1-Audit committee charter for review :click here

2-Nomination and remuneration committee charter for review :click here

3-Corporate goverance committee charter for review :click here

4-Risk committe charter for review :click here

5-Charter for the information technology goverance committee for review :click here

6-Board Charter for review :click here

7- Audit committee charter :click here

8- Board-Charter :click here

9- Charter-of-the-Information-Technology-Governance-Committee :click here

10- Corporate-Governance-Committee-Charter-2 :click here

11- Nomination-and-Remuneration-Committee-Charter-2 :click here

12- Risk-Committee-Charter-2 :click here