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Trans Iraq Bank

About the bank

Trans Iraq bank for investment established on 19/01/2006 with a capital of 56,000,000,000.00 (Sixty five billion and five hundred million Iraqi Dinar, Central Bank of Iraq approve our banking business according to banks law number 94 for year 2004 since we start our banking business in 05/12/2006 and the bank capital in current year is 264,000,000,000.00 (two hundred sixty four billion Dinar).

Extending bank branches

The bank aiming to exceed the branches in Baghdad and other governorates in addition to the current branches in Baghdad (two branches), Erbil (one branch) and planned to open branches in Baghdad ( Al Harthiya, Al Mansoura, Al Karada) and in other governorates the follow branches ( Al Hilla, Karbalaa, Al Najaf, Al Basra, Al Nasiriya, Al Amara, Al Kout).


Bank Vision

The bank has a vision to find wide investment environment for the various economic sectors, whether for service projects with social returns that leave positive effects on the society like specialized hospitals, universities and schools.

Or economical projects like shopping centers concerned with daily needs of the society or any other projects that contribute to the development and pushing the wheel of economy in the country.

In addition, the bank will participate in other sectors through loans and facilities banking and invest in the projects that contribute to provide services to the citizens and ease their problems.

The bank targeting his clients through high quality services and best prices by introducing latest technology in information technology and devices to speed up banking services and develop the job and reduce the dependence on human labor which lead to entering the modern banking technology ( ATM and fast financing, linking bank branches to ensure quick and accurate services).

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