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Trans Iraq Bank

Technology Information

- The IT department is one of the most important departments in the bank and has many responsibilities, as it is responsible for managing all bank systems.

- The bank has banking system (bank) which consider one of the latest systems in the field of international systems.

- The bank has payment systems RTGS and ACH and has developed these systems by connecting them with the banking system.

- The bank has (Swift) for external transfers.

- The bank has (WORDCHECK) system to check blacklisted clients.

- The bank has smart reporting system (MIS) to extract reports according to international accounting standards.

- The bank has electronic achieving system and human resources.

- The bank has credit inquiry system.

- The bank has FATCA System.

- The IT department is developing electronic payment system (PAID-DEBIT ISSUING, PRE) by (VISA CARD- MASTER CARD) and still under progress.