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Trans Iraq Bank

Bank Management

Name Job Position
Bashar Shakir Hamid Managing Director
Sanaa Abdulhamza shnaef Associate Managing Director
Shahad Abdullah Younns Head of Compliance Department
Ahmed Akram Ali Director of the Internal Audit Department
zaid sabah salim Director of the Financial Department
Ahmed Zuhair Hashem Director of Reporting Section on Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing
Zeyad Abdulqader Abdullah Credit Department Manager
Noor Adnan Saleh Director of the Department of Financial Operations and Electronic Services
Abbas Younis farhan Director of Administration and Human Resources Department
Muthanna Hameed Othman Director of the Risk Management Department
Shatha Hssein Mohammed Main branch manager
Rana Shawqi Ali  Director of the Information Technology Department
Ali shalan hussien Shorja branch manager
suhair yehea mghool Director of Awareness and Public Protection Department
Ruaa Adil mukhlif Director of the Quality Management and Institutional Development Unit
aya ali ibrahim Director of the Treasury and Investment Department
sarmad salem Shaheen Erbil branch manager
Fahd Abdullah Younis Legal consultant
rafal sattar jabbar  Information Security manager