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Trans Iraq Bank

Issuance of a Visa Card

You may need a bank card to cover the costs of your travel, or a card to enjoy your shopping, or perhaps you are looking for a card to give as a gift, whatever the occasion, there is a card that suits your needs from Trans Iraq Bank for Investment.

We've designed the card that mimics your everyday needs and gives you 24/7 access to your balance.

The Trans-Iraq Bank for Investment Card gives you multiple options: such as ATM withdrawals, online shopping, hotel reservations and travel tickets, as well as enabling you to access your account at any time and enjoy benefits that elevate your lifestyle at the same time.

What are the advantages offered?

  • The validity of the card is 3 years.
  • Local and international cash withdrawal.
  • The card is accepted globally.
  • Supports the contactless feature.
  • The cost of issuing the card (20,000) IQD.
  • Supports the 3D Secure feature.
  • It contains the electronic chip and the magnetic tape.
  • The possibility of withdrawing from any other non-bank teller.
  • Sending a detailed text message in case of withdrawal from the available balance.
  • The possibility of obtaining an account statement from any available ATM.
  • The ability to change the card's password.
  • The possibility of stopping the card in case of theft or loss by simply calling the customer service number that is installed on the back of the card.

Visa Card issuance procedures:

  • The customer owns a current or savings account in the Iraqi dinar currency with the Trans Iraq Bank for Investment.
  • Agreeing to the terms and conditions of the bank payment card provided by Trans Iraq Bank .
  • Filling out the visa card application form in the branch where the customer's account is opened, along with bringing one of his identification documents, identity / or passport.
  • Once the above data is provided, the branch will provide the customer with the date of receiving each of the card and his personal identification number (PIN).

Information about the Visa Card:

  • The card holder can make sure that his Visa Card is accepted by the institution or the merchant by checking the presence of the Visa logo, which is usually displayed prominently in the form of stickers in stores that have points of sale, or on ATMs for financial institutions. In the absence of these stickers, the customer can check with the merchant or institution whether the card is accepted by them or not.
  • The bank branch will follow up the card activation procedures as soon as the customer receives both the card and his personal identification number, enabling him to use his card.
    Withdrawal or purchase movements will be rejected in the event that there is not enough balance in the card holder’s bank account. Therefore, the card holder must verify the status of his balance on which the card is tied before using the card for withdrawals or purchases.
  • In the event that the card holder forgets the personal identification number ( PIN ) to which he belongs, please follow up on his branch to take the procedures of issuing a new password for him with bringing one of his identification documents ( identity / or passport).
  • As a security measure, the ATM swallows the card in case the customer enters his password for three consecutive times by mistake, even if this was done at different ATMs. The card holder must go to the bank branch and bring one of his identification documents to receive it, and the bank will re-activate the password to be used from A new one or a new one in case the customer forgot his password.
  • To know the maximum daily purchase limit, the maximum daily withdrawal limit, and the number of allowed daily transactions, please visit one of the bank's branches to be provided with them and any other questions or inquiries related to the Visa Card.
  • If you encounter any problems on your card, please contact your branch or the customer service number installed behind the card.

Safe use of Visa Card:

  • The card holder must sign with dry ink on the signature tape inside the card envelope, immediately upon receipt.
  • Keep the paper inside the envelope in a safe place to refer to them when needed, and do not put the PIN in your wallet or on the card, but keep it hidden.
  • Check the card periodically to make sure it is there and never leave it without attention.
  • When paying with a Visa Card, check the information on the sales receipt and compare it to the transactions recorded on your account statement.
  • Destroy copies of receipts, airline tickets, and everything that shows your card numbers upon completion.
  • When using the card on ATMs, make sure that your personal identification number is not revealed to anyone close to the teller. Also, make sure to withdraw the card immediately after the process is completed, and check the value of the withdrawn amounts from the teller.
  • When purchasing via the Internet, use the sites that use a secure protocol system that begins with https within the address bar of the web page, where the address of the web page will be changed to https in the sites that use a secure server and before starting the process of providing the card data to complete the purchase process.
  • Please do not provide any financial or personal information or information related to your card to unknown sites on the Internet or respond to any e-mail requesting such information from you and do not disclose any details about your card except when you make a purchase.
  • Periodically check the deducted movements from the account to which the card is tied, either by requesting an account statement from the bank directly, or by subscribing to the Internet Banking service, or subscribing to the Mobile Banking service, both of which are provided by a bank across Iraq, which provides the customer with access On his/or his accounts in an easy and direct manner and at any time.

Loss of a Visa Card:

  • In the event that the card holder loses his card as a result of theft or loss, he must notify the bank immediately, and the bank will cancel the lost card, provided that a new one is issued to him later.
  • As required by the case