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Trans Iraq Bank

Bank Management

Name Job Position
Bashar Shaker Hamed Authorized Manager
Mohammad Saleh Hasehm Saleh ِAuthorized Associate director for credit
Misam Hikmat Nahi Associate compliance monitor
Abdulameer Jawad Khayoun Director of the Internal Control Department
Oudai Najem Ali Director of Accounts Department
Alaa Deyaa Ali Director of Reporting Unit on Money Laundering and Counterterrorism
Mohammad Jasem Sahen Director of Credit Department
Numair Abulaziz Hussain Director of International Department
Thaer Abadi Kazem Director of Administration and Human Resources Department
Adel Abdulrazzak Ameen Director of Risk Department
Fahd Abdullah Younes  Legal Counsel
Zahraa Anwar Abdulameer Director of main branch
Numair Khalil Mohammad Ali Director of Erbil Branch
Shaza Hussain Mohammad Director of Shorja Branch
Taleb Kazem Abbas Director of Banking and Public Protection